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Your Pantry is an easy way for you to buy and replenish your groceries.

We pair it with home delivery and in-store pickup.

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Buying groceries online is painful.

Between work and home, you have a busy life. Running out of essential items is a pain, but so is supermarket shopping. You waste time getting to and from the supermarket. And then you pick your own products off the shelf, and stand in line at a checkout. You’d love to be able to shop online, but you tried it before and it wasn’t easy: And you couldn’t shop easily with your favourite local Adelaide supermarket, which is where you’d rather spend your money.

Never forget what you need to buy.

YourPantry learns when you buy things, and will recommend you re-order them just before you run out. It’s like having your own online personal shopper right there with you!

Re-order with one click.

One-click reordering of your favourite food & products. Don’t trawl through pages of products ever again. With our notifications, you can order and pay with just one click using our online grocery shopping system.

Home delivery, or pick up in store.

Save time shopping and have our personal shoppers do the work for you. Imagine all your favourite products delivered to your Adelaide home all at the click of a button.

Be part of the change.

Get access to local food produce. While supporting your local Adelaide independent supermarket. Sustainable communities start with the things we do every day. Be part of the change in South Australia.

How it works.

You simply visit our Adelaide online supermarket or app and enter your postcode to start shopping straight away.


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